Rajon Rondo is right where he wants to be.

Okay, maybe not where he wants to be, but his agent is loving it.

“The Bulls need Rondo to beat the Celtics! Jimmy can’t do everything! Their guards suck!”

You’re right, Bulls fans/general public. By god, you’re right.

The Bulls brought in more guards than King Henry this year, and they all have one thing in common – they suck.

Rajon’s 10 assists-per-game are unparalleled to the likes of Dwayne Wade, Isaiah Canaan contributing only 3 assists-per-game. The playoffs are where it matters though, right? If you can’t move the ball to your teammates, you can’t win. To me, getting assists at the guard position is almost as important as getting rebounds to secure one-and-done possessions.

What about the regular season?

Okay, you’re gaining some ground back here.

Rondo’s 6.7 assists-per-game is trailed “closely” by only Dwayne Wade averaging a little under 4. They both leave the rest of the roster in the dust with 2 assists-per-game or less by everyone else. I get more assists shooting paper balls at a trash can than the backups on the Bulls roster. At least I have something I can proud of.

Now that the numbers are out of the way…Rondo’s injury couldn’t have come at a worse time for hopeful Bulls fans, but it could be the best time for Rondo and his pocketbook.

If I were Rondo’s agent, I would explain that we are in the perfect scenario.

Follow me:

  • If the Bulls are eliminated in the first round: he’s their MVP and is a desirable vetern presence with fuel left in the tank for prospective buyers
  • If the Bulls advance: he has another shot at being their best player in the playoffs and inflating his stock for a bigger payday for us both

Despite his age, his stock market value won’t be any higher this season unless he helps them get to the next round(s) with his contributions on the court.

The people up top are going in a different direction as far as experimenting. It [stinks] when you have the opportunity to make the playoffs and they want to go a different route.” – Rajon Rondo

I agree. For a man that had seemingly “given up” on his stint with the Mavericks, it’s good to hear that the 31-year old point-guard still has some fight in him. I can imagine the change of scenery had something to do with it.

Despite the enabled cruise control on the GarPax Tour Bus, Rondo still wants to ball out for the time being. He doesn’t strike me as a player that wants to quietly sit on the bench and cash his checks, and for that, I applaud him.

Whether he comes back for the next round (if they make it) or sits on the bench and lets the dumpster fire rage on in hopes of a bigger pay day here or somewhere else, I can’t blame him.