The Chicago Bears shock the world and take Mitch Trubisky at #2 overall

It’s no secret that Mitch (or Mitchell) Trubisky has only 13 career starts under center in the NCAA for North Carolina, but he was able to accomplish a lot in those opportunities.

Let’s break the Bears #2 overall draft pick down:


  • Money Mitch had thrown 3,748 passing yards with 30 TD’s and 6 INT’s
  • He has the physical assets at 6-foot-2, 222 pounds and a 68% completion rate
  • Mobility is a word we can use here with 439 rushing yards in 2017
  • He has the decision making abilities of a good quarterback


  • The Bears just spent $18.5 million guaranteed on former backup Mike Glennon
  • His deep ball accuracy is inconstant at best
  • Mitch is easily fooled by complex coverages

From the 49er’s view, this was a dream trade. They were always going to pick Soloman Thomas and they still managed to get him while picking up 3 extra draft picks in the process. I don’t think Ryan Pace realizes his job is on the line here.

The Bears have been desperate to find a franchise quarterback, and it shows.

Jay Cutler broke 7 team passing records in his 7 year tenure, and Jim McMahon was the only quarterback to take the Bears to the Super Bowl (and win) back in 1986.

Everything in between has been a disappointment.

The pressure to succeed will mount on Trubisky’s shoulders with any mistake he makes, when he makes them. He will be under a microscope as soon as he steps onto the field.

Ryan Pace, John Fox and his supporting cast will be depending on him to lead the team through the pit of fire into a territory the Bears haven’t seen in awhile — a record over .500. Many jobs will be on the line this year, and if Glennon can’t get it done, the Bears will turn to Trubisky to turn things around. (Ryan) Pace and (John) Fox should hope he succeeds when he gets the chance, or else.

– Justin Wadsworth